Double spaced paper format.

How to Space Your Paper in the Double Space Format.

Double spacing is ensuring that there is a space in between your sentences. That is a space that would fit another sentence if need be. So pressing the ENTER button, you would press it twice to achieve the double space format. There are so many ways to get a double spacing. Some are tedious, while some are easy. However, with technology, why go the long route while a simple button can solve all your problems?

When your professor asks you to double space, it gives room for them to put in additional remarks on what they think about work. When we do the regular single spacing, the work will seem cluttered if your professors add their comments on it. It would even be challenging for you to follow through on the corrections required for you to make. Therefore, double-spacing makes it easier for both you and the professor as they can neatly make their remarks, and you can follow through on those remarks.

However, most professors will ask you on the exact spacing to use but when not specified, always use double spacing, especially when it comes to your essay assignments and dissertations. As mentioned earlier, there are so many ways to arrive at a double spaced document. We shall name them for your choice of preference;

  1. Microsoft Word 2013
  2. MacBook
  3. Enter button

When using the Microsoft word 2013, you can start by highlighting your work and then clicking on the home button. It will provide several other options; Clipboard, Font, Paragraph, and Styles. Click on the Paragraph drop-down button located on the lower corner right. It will also provide you with several more options, click on line spacing, and then pick double. Your entire document, as long as it is highlighted, will automatically become double spaced.

It would help if you always began by highlighting your work. Then click on the blue button located on your top right dubbed inspector. Then select the capital T, which stands for Text. Then choose the option Spacing and type 2 on the open bar on the right. And again, your entire document will automatically be double spaced.

When typing your work, you can decide to be tapping on the ENTER button twice after every sentence. This is, of course, tedious, and it would take a lot of time. You are also likely to forget to press the ENTER button twice after every sentence, giving your document inconsistencies. Thus, it is wise to use the above first two options as they are easy and straightforward, and they yield guaranteed results. Double spacing is one of the best spacing techniques as it gives your work an elegant outlook and makes it easier for anyone to read and make comments while at it. Also, depending on the paper's format, such as MLA Formats or APA formats, specific rules and exceptions will be unique to either. Therefore, be guided by the manuals of the said formats on carrying out the double spacing.

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