How to Write Article Essays

Article Essay Writing Guidelines

Satisfyingly writing your article essay makes it possible for you to scoop all the scores allocated for it. However, this does not just happen. It takes one to understand the specific article writing formats to appreciate how best to tackle such an essay. It differs from the other commonly assigned essays, making it tricky to assume that it would work like the rest.

What is An Article?

An article is a short write-up about one’s opinions and views about a particular topic. Usually, the content is often meant for a larger audience instead of academic essays, which are to be submitted to the tutor for assessment. These articles are often published in newspapers and magazines, where writers share their thoughts on particular pressing issues.

Objectives for Article Writing

Articles can be written for various reasons, including serious and non-serious ones. However, there are several major objectives whey articles are often written. These include:

  • Highlighting matters of interests and making them known openly
  • Influencing and pushing readers to think about issues in a specific line
  • Suggesting and offering advice on particular issues
  • Supplying relevant information on some topics
  • Discussing issues that are emerging, those in technical development, and about people and stories that inspire

Formatting and Article Essay

Now that you understand what an article essay is about, it is important to get its format right if you write it appropriately. As with most other types of write-ups, it starts with a title and ends with a conclusion. The components of this type of essay include:

  1. A proper heading or title
  2. The writer’s name which should appear in a line
  3. The body paragraph should be at least 2 to 3 paragraphs.
  4. The ending paragraph. This should be a conclusion that has the author’s recommendations, suggestions, and an appeal or any other form of a call to action.

Steps to Be Followed When Writing an Article

Like all other official and format writings, articles follow specific steps to be considered conclusive. First, you need to understand who your target audience is by identifying them. You should also have a clear purpose for writing the article as this objective will define the actions you take with your research. You should then get into in-depth research where you gather all relevant information online and other relevant sources. Finally, ensure that the content you write is well and logically organized, as this is the only way to make sense of the written content.

Mistakes to Avoid when Writing Articles

Whenever you write your article essay, bear in mind that you should always use facts and figures instead of estimations and speculations. You should also not complicate the language used in writing the content you are attempting to express. Some students fail to use paragraphs, which is a major mistake because it is difficult to understand its language. Ensure that you are using a semi-formal language because it is not purely academic lie the rest of the essays would be.

Choosing the right format for your article is crucial. Have expert writers assist if you feel stuck.

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