Top Tips for Formatting English Essays

How to Format an English Paper in an Hour

Before writing a good paper, make sure to understand the format required to avoid the heavy editing process when you are done with it. Different essays will require varied formatting. This said, English essays would follow a general format that includes:

  • Choosing the essay type
  • Brainstorming and settling on the content to write about
  • Researching on the subject
  • Creating a problem statement/ thesis
  • Creating a working outline
  • Actual writing
  • Editing and proofreading

These seven steps may seem like a lot but once broken down; they make it easy for writers to create perfect essays that impress readers and assessors.

Formatting the Essay Paper

Choosing the right style for writing the paper is the first step to formatting the essay correctly. You need to understand the instructions and point out the format you have been asked to use. These could be APA, MLA, Chicago, or even Harvard formats. Each of these formats' specifications varies from the title page to the references and in-text citation. Even so, knowing how to generally format an essay paper, as described in the steps above, is crucial.

Selecting the Paper Type

To know that a paper is written correctly, you must first establish the type of paper. Narrative, expository, persuasive, and descriptive types of essays all vary despite slight similarities. Once you establish the type of essay you are dealing with, you can proceed to format appropriately. Some essays require a problem-solution approach, while others need you to narrate a story, and others require that you compare and contrast arguments before concluding.

Think Before You Write

A student's biggest mistake is to write the article immediately without thinking about the topic first. Essays can be complicated when the general flow of the content is not figured out earlier. You may have to start with a broad topic and narrow down to specifics. Write down all the important points you need to remember about your topic, then break it down to the relevant ones only as you write the essay.

Research Extensively

The best essays are well researched. The reader should feel that you understand what you are saying and that you are in control of everything you write. After thinking about the right topic to write about and choosing one you want to focus on, proceed to research. Use the recommended sources from your tutor’s. Ensure that everything you write is backed up and properly cited to avoid coming to any academic fraud.

Formulating the Thesis

Stating the problem of your essay is important as it determines the direction which your essay takes. Ensure that you have a clear thesis that can be supported in the progressive discussion. It should serve as the basis of your essay writing and should be broad enough to allow for meaningful discussion in subsequent paragraphs. It should also be part of your introduction.

A good essay must be well formatted. Make a point of understanding the basics of formatting your essay as described above or hire a seasoned expert to assist.

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